Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Beautiful Outfits

Remember the hemp design the girls and I got on our hands?  Well, the wife of Derek's co-worker fell in love with my daughters (who wouldn't, right??) and bought them these beautiful Indian dresses!

The little one initially wanted the pink dress and the redhead wanted the blue.  Here they are with the full garb on - the dress and the lowers, or as we yanks call them, pants, and scarf.

Most of what I know of Indian culture was learned from So You Think You Can Dance's Bollywood routine, so I had them do a pose.

They ended up switching dresses and ditching the lowers, as the pink fit Red much better and they didn't like the balloon feel to the drawstring pants.

If I were smart, I would've taken some closeups of the dresses so you could see the detailing with the sequins and beads, but I'm not.

The girls LOVE these dresses and already wore them to church the next Sunday.  My little one has some gold gladiator type sandals that matched the blue and gold dress PERFECTLY!  Thanks Rasheed and Jabeen!

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