Monday, October 3, 2011

Huey Helicopter Ride

A Huey Helicopter came to our town for rides over the weekend and my folks came for a ride and loved it so much, they treated the kids to a ride!  As you can see, not all were brave enough to go for it, myself included.  Photos were taken by the man of the house.

My Dad was medevaced out on a Huey a couple of times in Vietnam when he was shot; I imagine this ride was a little more fun for him.  My Mom and Dad got to sit in the gunner sits in the back, so they were facing out instead of straight.

Below is an aerial view of our town's square.

Yikes, I don't think I would've liked being on the edge seat when it banked like this!

My children's schools: A - the elementary where the younger three attend, B - the middle school where boy #3 attends, C - Jr. High where the older two attend, and D- the high school where I'll have one NEXT YEAR!

My Dad took this picture of them walking off the field and sent it to me.  I think they look ultra cool and imagine music from Top Gun playing as they walk away slowly.  One of my 13 year old friends (friend of my boys) on Facebook describes them as looking "beast", which I think, is a good thing.

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Anonymous said...

that sounds like a fun thing to do with the family. my father was in Vietnam, but never flew in a heuy. he has always wanted and I would like to treat him to a ride. i am trying to find an organization in nebraska or kansas that does that, but have not been successful. any guidance would valued and appreciated