Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I know, I know ....

I have not posted in a while. So there has been a major change in my life - I put the kids in school *GASP* .... and not just any school ..... PUBLIC SCHOOL!!!! I know, I know, I know. Well it was absolutely the best thing for our family - even though Fay wholeheartedly disagrees. HA! Anyway, the younger 3 are loving having their Mommy all to themselves and I'm loving giving myself to them. We are reading more, taking naps together, not blogging together ... it's great!

In other news, praise the Lord, we got rain this week! If you're reading this, please pray for more rain for GA.

I'm on my dh's laptop tonight and don't have my pics on this computer, so I will leave you with a photo from earlier this summer. I came across it earlier and I just love it. It's very rare when we capture an all out smile on Charlie's face - so I love this pic.