Friday, June 29, 2007

another pic

Here's one more pic of the sock in natural light. Funky colors, I know, but I so desperately wanted to try Lorna's Laces and this is one of the few colors Sandra Singh had in stock because of her sale.

my first sock!!!!

I started on a my first sock last month. I thought I'd start with a toddler sock for my little girl. Hey, little socks don't take as long to knit, right? Anyway, I knit the leg up pretty fast than stopped altogether when I got to the heel bc I'm intimidated.

Then I decided to start my second ever sock for me a couple of days ago .... maybe I should finish the first? Anyway, here are my socks......

Monday, June 18, 2007

Oh yes, I'm still alive ......

I haven't written in awhile .... but I haven't knitted, either. I started my first pair of socks, and I got stuck on the heel. So I just stopped altogether. But now that the new summer knitty is out, I'm inspired again. I love the hemp skirt and want to knit something for myselft .... but not sure if it will look good on a pot belly size 12 :).