Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pumpkin Picking

We spent Saturday with my sister and her family going to find deals on apples and also to stop by Bradley's Pumpkin Patch to pick up pumpkins for carving later this month.  We had a lot of fun riding with the thousands of other people in Elijay doing the same thing.  We found a farm off the rode that sold huge mountain cabbage for $2 a head, and a big basket of sweet potatoes for $7, which we split between the two families; but we got some of the biggest laughs stopping by a tiny shed on the side of the road that sold garlic.

I don't know ... maybe it was from driving in a car with 12 people for over two hours... but my sister, brother-in-law, and I found the jumbo garlic in the back left corner funny as we waited in the car and watched Derek dealing. 
Of course that's the garlic he bought and posed with.

My sweet taters and cabbage

We spent the night with my sister on Saturday night, who happened to be having "allergy" trouble but ended up running a fever for the following two days.  I think the fun was worth catching her funk, although I have been drinking all kinds of vitamins through teas.

One the way home my family ate supper at Cracker Barrel where I found the coolest candle.  It's a Woodwick candle and the wick is made out of .....wood.  It crackles as it burns and in this great spooky jar it gives off a dancing type glow.  I love it!

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