Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sewing Lessons

My daughters spent last weekend with my mother and she taught them how to sew!  Molly said she wanted to make a skirt and even drew up a pattern (above).

Molly picked it up quick.  My Mom pinned the pieces together and did the ironing, but other than that, Molly did it all on her own.

They stayed up until after midnight to finish their projects.  Like mother, like daughter... like daughters.

Even though Anna had the motions down, I think her Grandma had to help keep the fabric under the needle.

Her project was a little pocket.  She wants to add a strap to turn it into a purse.

I do believe my Mom created a sewing monster, because even after making two skirts and staying up until 12:30 am, the first thing Molly asked when she got home was if she could sew.  I had to decline, mainly because I needed my Sunday afternoon nap, but I told her that I didn't have a small table in order for her to reach the pedal.  She replied with, "Oh!  It's alright, I can just stand to use the pedal!"

I think that since they learned on my Mom's fancy Pfaff, I'll be bypassing a kid's version machine and get them a Singer or something cheaper for us to have fun filled sewing days.  Oh, and of course, a short table so my baby won't have to stand.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Here's the apron I made a couple of weeks back for my chicken lovin' apron swap.  This cutie is now at it's new home in California.

I think this is one of my favorite aprons I've made.  I found this great fabric on Etsy.  I love the chicken wire!  I also found this great chick button at Hobby Lobby.  It doesn't really match, but I didn't care. 

The greatest part is - I have enough fabric to make me one!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My son and I are very excited.  Today, the first book in the newest series by Brandon Mull is arriving via Amazon.  When Matt found out there was a new series coming out, he pre-ordered A World Without Heroes (Beyonders) back in January with his birthday money. 

This is the same author that wrote Matt's all-time favorite series, Fablehaven - the books he compares every other book he read to.  I wonder how A World Without Heroes (Beyonders) will stack up!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Chicken Apron

I received the cutest chicken apron from one apron crazy lady.  Of course, some of my kids always want in the picture with me, and of course, I oblige.

I love the style and best of all, it's reversible!  Here's a close up of the fabric  -

Guess what I told her my favorite patterns were?  Polka dots and swirls - both which she managed to find along with some super cute chicks.

Add to that some very nice and much needed pot holders, some very cute clothes pins, and a delicious chicken crock pot recipe (which I'm going to try Sunday); and it made for a great swap, as usual.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Birthday Cards

I showed you the picture my oldest son drew for me for my birthday yesterday.  Let me now show you what my youngest son wrote to me.

Awww, isn't that sweet?  Then, five minutes later, I received this one:

For those of you who don't read a 1st grader's writing well, let me translate:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I wish Mom was skinny

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

People Celebrating Birthdays Today

 Well, hello, my favorite 007.  Yes, today is Daniel Craig's birthday. 

My favorite Cuban, Dezi Arnaz would have been 94 today.

Happy birthday to my favorite children's author, Dr. Seuss!

Not my favorite singer, but most definitely my favorite name to say, Jon Bon Jovi's birthday is today!

Hey!  My favorite person is 35 today!  Happy Birthday, me!

My oldest gave me this drawing this morning, and I have to say - I think it's my favorite present.
Upon further inspection, there is a lot going on in this picture.

There's cheerleaders spelling out my name:

There's musicians, which represent the three of my children who play instruments.  One plays the trombone, one plays the trumpet, and the other the violin.

There's five men with top hats and canes dancing for me:

There is an airplane writing my name in the sky with fireworks in the background:

And lastly, there is an aviator doing yoga, or maybe that's supposed to be me.  Whoever it is, I love it!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Remember these super cute Redondo Skirts?  They were both made with Jennifer Paganelli fabrics.  Well, guess what Jennifer announced yesterday?  She's coming out with a book!
Why, I do believe I will pre-order it!