Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Easy Peter Pan Costume

It's that time of year, the time for the annual 2nd grade Fairy Tale Ball!  Although the teacher said to not buy anything, but use costumes or clothes around the house; my boy insisted on being Peter Pan.  Instead of buying a costume, I opted on making one.  I bought a $4 shirt from Hobby Lobby and cut off the bottom and the sleeves.  I also poked some holes in the top and wove a strip of leather to "lace" it up.  

For the pants, they didn't have ANY green knit, so I had to use brown.  I bought $4 worth of knit and used a pajama pants pattern I have.  It's honestly the WORST sewing job I've ever done .... BUT, the beauty of knit is that you don't have to finish it and it won't unravel.  It honestly took less than 30 minutes to make since I didn't have to hem or worry about the seams.  If you don't sew, you could easily just pick up some cheap leggings in the girls section.  I would have done this since he has little sisters who could use the leggings after Halloween, but my Target only had bright colors like yellow, teal, and pink.  Isn't that crazy?  It's not like it's Fall, Target.

For the hat - I took a $.79 big sheet of stiff felt and made a "paper hat" with it, then stuck a red feather in the side.

Total cost = $9, total time = maybe an hour

He is so happy and proud and excited, I don't think he'll be able to go to sleep tonight! 

Peter Pan's shadow

In other news .....in Living this month, Martha Stewart showed how to make ghost using a foam head and cheesecloth.  Trust me, hers looked much more ghastly than mine turned out.  Although I will say that his reflection in the photo turned out a little freaky.  This apparition is supposed to be hanging from the porch, but he fell down yesterday and is now perched on a broom in the corner of my foyer.  It's just another thing that Martha makes it look totally cool and my version is a flop.


Grandma said...

Oh, man, I want a smooch Peter Pan!

Elvenpath said...

This is really cool outfit! And your blog is very nice, definately coming back here sometimes :) I'm going to link this to "interesting pages" box on my blog.