Friday, January 14, 2011

Saying Goodbye

I do believe that tomorrow I'll have to do one of the hardest things I've ever had to do.  We will have to say goodbye to the sweet boy who has lived with us for the past five weeks.

We made a little photo book for him to take back to Ukraine with him.  We all signed the back cover, and Valera tried to get his favorite one of us, Tippy the dog, to sign it.  No joke, he was putting the pen in Tippy's mouth before Charlie grabbed it and signed it for her.

This is his favorite page of the whole book .... all because of the picture below.

Awww - we're going to miss Valera!  It's been a trying five weeks and I've learned a lot about myself.  I think the good memories and blessings will far outweigh the bad.  I wonder how long Derek and I will say, "Voila!" after doing every little task?  I wonder how long before my kids stop dancing and singing, "Boom chicka boom chicka boom boom boom."  Will I ever refer to my nephew by his given name instead of, "Big Boy" with a cute Ukrainian accent?  Will I ever be able to look at a sausage again without saying a prayer for Valera?

People keep asking me if I'll do this again.  Ask me again next month.  It's all too fresh right now.


vicki said...

I'm crying!

Kellie said...

Maybe you should just adopt him!

Kim and Robert said...

We will also miss the little guy! Even with only the few hours that we were able to spend with him, he touched our lives. And "big boy" was sad that he missed saying goodbye.

Knitika said...

Belated comment, but I really enjoyed reading your account of your weeks with your lovely visitor. It seemed like a really meaningful time for both your family and him.

Kellie said...

You ARE adopting him!!! I'm thrilled. : )