Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's been too long, and I have so much to catch everyone up on.  First off, we had a wonderful Christmas!  Since many of my friends and family did not get a card from us this year (due to sending them out December 23 and using address labels from three years ago), here is the picture we used.

My kids are having so much fun with Valeriy and I think he is having just as much fun.  I truly have never seen someone so excited about Christmas and presents.

The kid eats EVERYTHING!  One thing we learned in training is that a lot of the Ukrainian kids are very picky eaters.  They like bland food and the condiment of choice is ketchup.  In fact, their idea of spaghetti is noodles with ketchup on it.  However, Valeriy is nothing like that.  He eats everything we put in front of him and about three times more than my kids eat.  He has gained over five pounds since he got here.  His favorite things are pizza and McDonald's.  Since he loves pizza so much, we thought we'd take him to the place that serves the biggest pizza around, Big Pie in the Sky.  Yup, he and all the other kids loved it.


T.J. Freeman Jr. said...

That's so cool!! I had heard some similar things about their eating because they just hadn't been exposed to the variety we have here. Glad he's getting his "fill"!

We love some Big Pie in the Sky... that pizza was really good :)

Brea said...

He fits right in with you all! I'm glad it's been such a great experience for everyone.