Wednesday, January 11, 2012


My older son has reached that magic age where he loves horror movies.  He and his friends were counting down to see The Devil Inside, and it came out this past weekend.  After the movie, four extra boys came over to spend the night.  They all came in acting like the movie wasn't scary at all and what a disappointment it was.  I was surprised that they were home so early and looked it up online and saw the running time was only 82 minutes.

That night, all Derek and I heard was creaking from the floorboards above us in our old house from them running back and forth, back and forth - I don't think I've ever wished for a ranch style house or basement more.  I also vowed that night that it would be the last time I let five 8th grade boys spend the night.  Good thing for my kids that I have a short memory, because I'm pretty sure I've said that before.

The next morning, Nate had a big red mark down his nose and also on his forehead.  He said he thought he heard a noise behind him and turned to run .... and ran right into the wall! 

The forehead and nose on day 3.

So..... I'm wondering if they were just trying to act all manly, and maybe the movie was a bit scarier than they let on! 

I thought it was so funny and had to share, he didn't think so (hence the "evil eye" in the picture above).

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