Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Few of my Favorite Presents

This past Christmas was one of the best ever.  I got some amazing presents from my kids, including:

A big iron skillet from my second born.  I can't wait to fry a whole chicken on it using Lucinda Scala Quinn's method.  I have a couple of smaller sizes, but this one is juuuuust right.

My other son got me a CD that I wanted.  I'm loving The Black Keys right now.

I also got a decorative tree made of roses and a box of blue vase rocks from some of the others. 

My man gave me a wonderful electric blanket; and just in time, too - since it's finally gotten cold in GA.  It's so fancy, that it has a dimmer button for those (like me) who hate any emission of light during the night.

The one who thinks they got me the greatest thing of all, was my youngest. 

I haven't used it, yet - I guess I need to so she'll know how much I love it. 

My sister and her family got my kids a joint present this year:  a tether ball set.  I wanted to add a picture for her so she can see how much they have enjoyed it .... do you see how the ground is brown and stomped down in a perfect circle around the set?  They love it!

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mom said...

Where's the fire pit??????