Friday, January 6, 2012

Some Random Thoughts

1.  My husband bought a Disney app for the iPad called Where's My Water?  At first I thought he was crazy, not only because he downloaded a Disney game, but he also paid money for it.  I just want to go on record for saying this is the best game ever for the iPad!  I think I was also go ahead and say, I think it is the best $0.99 we've ever spent.  It's so much fun and I feel so smart when I figure out a way to get Swampy some water.  Maybe I'm just easily entertained.  Go check it out if you have an iPhone or iPad.

2.  I have found the BEST remedy for not being able to sleep this week.  I have a hard enough time falling asleep at a reasonable hour anyway, much more so when my man is out of town like he was this week.  Well; Derek happens to work with a guy who plays a mean Indian flute.  When Derek met him he came home and told me about this guy, and that he even won a Grammy for his music.  Well ... I looked him up and Derek was just a couple of letters off.  It turns out he won a Nammy - the Native American Music Awards; still an honor, I'm sure. 

The coworker was so nice, that he gave Derek a couple of CDs of his music.  I decided to play one of them the other night and I was out like a light.  I'm telling you, I still haven't heard past track 2 because I am instantly relaxed and right off to sandland.  I'm not sure if he will take that as a compliment that I use his music to sleep, but thank you, dear Golana for helping me find a non drug remedy!

3.  Having kids grow up and into adult shoes stinks!  I had to buy my 8th grader a new pair of sneakers yesterday in 5 months his foot grew from a size 7.5 to a 9.5!  Unfortunately, they don't make cheap men's sneakers. 

I will leave you with some pictures of my daughter yesterday who had a serious case of static electricity going on.

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