Friday, January 27, 2012

Awwww, Pictures of the Week

Our dog, Tippy, had her "batch", as my son says, on Tuesday night.  She chose to give birth in the tiniest space possible, where I couldn't get a good head count.  I saw 2 brown pups and 3 black ones that first night.  Wednesday, my son said he saw 3 brown and 3 black.  Wednesday night I realized there were 4 black pups.

It wasn't until yesterday that Tippy finally left her house to come out and greet me, when I realized there were 4 brown pups and 4 black pups!  One for every member of our family!

Sooooo, anybody want a puppy?


Knitika said...

PUPPIES! Even if I were nearby, I couldn't really take one, but wow. I wish I could take all the puppies!

Knitika said...

Hi! I don't know the best way to respond to comments so I'm coming back here to reply to your comment over on my blog. And I'm sorry, yes, I forgot to mention--thank you for sending the cheque. I'm sorry things didn't work out, but I admire your family's efforts anyway. I tucked it into my wallet and forgot about it until this week.

And the Big Nom is only on sale a few more days... and the hats knit up very quickly! :)

Lula said...

Awe, we had a dog named Tippy growing up...he had a white tip on the end of his tail!