Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Week of Firsts.

My little girl lost her first tooth Wednesday night!  She discovered it was slightly loose on Tuesday, and wiggle and wiggled until it was out 24 hours later.  I tell you what, I have never seen a child so excited about a tooth gone.  I don't think there has ever been another cuter with a missing tooth!

 Matt is now our only child who has gone skiing.  They, especially he, have always wanted to go; but with six kids, that is something we've never had the money for.  Matt had an opportunity, though, with the Boy Scouts to go this weekend.  When asked how it was, his response was, "AWESOME!"

 There was only one mishap over the weekend.  He didn't put on sunscreen!  I almost didn't recognize him when we picked him up.  His little face is swollen and so red.  Really, the photos don't do this burn justice.

I guess another slightly minor mishap is that he also forgot his toothbrush and ALL toiletries.  Since Boy Scouts are always prepared, I think I need to just prepare myself for a stinky, fuzzy-toothed boy to come home from all future Boy Scout trips.

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