Friday, February 11, 2011

The CUTEST Dress

I do believe I made a rather C.U.T.E. dress today for my little one.  She is having a Pre-K Valentine social/dance tomorrow and they are supposed to wear their Sunday best.  We decided to make her a new dress and while the finished product isn't a "dressy" dress, it is cute and will be unique.

All of the fabric is from my stash and not much of it was bought together, but don't all of these fabrics go quite nicely?  In the middle of sewing, I ran out of white thread.  I made a Wal-Mart run and LOOK at the shoes I found!  Little Bit was in bed by the time I got home, so I hope her slippers fit.  I hope the dress fits.  I hope she likes the dress enough to wear it tomorrow because I LURVE it.

Cost: $2.46 for thread, $7 for chic satin red shoes.  I'm not counting the stash because I bought it so long ago, so it just doesn't count, okay?
Time: About 3 hours

$9.46 isn't bad for a evenings worth of entertainment, some stash busting, and one seriously cute dress.


Fay said...

That *is* cute. And man, that fabric combination would make an adorable, vintage-y apron.

Knitika said...

Such a cute dress! Nice find on the shoes, too.

Lori said...

Who found the shoes? jk I love it all!