Monday, February 7, 2011

My Cutie Pie Apron

Here is my apron I got from Lori.  Isn't it cute?!?  I am telling you that the picture just doesn't do this apron justice.  She used a Jamie Christina pattern.  After seeing how cute it is and how well it fits, I think I will definitely have to order some of her patterns.

I also got this hand towel with LOVE appliqued on it.  I'm hoping my sweet children's grubby little hands will lay off it so it can stay beautiful.

I got some cupcake tins and picks (which I bought the exact same picks to send to my partner, who happened to be none other than Lori)!  I got a cute magnetic notepad and some delicious chocolate covered cookie dough bites.  Those things were so good that I almost couldn't stop eating them.  The only way I did was to offer them up to the lucky kids who happened to be standing near me at the time.

This was a great swap and a lot of FUN!  Thanks, Lori!

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Amy said...

You got a great apron. It's crazy having kids so close in age isn't it? right now, for the next month, I have 3 2 year olds! Thanks for commenting on my blog! I do the apron swaps too.