Wednesday, February 23, 2011

At our church, I am a life group leader for some of the youth girls.  They found out I have a blog and I like to sew aprons, and they had a good laugh.  I guess they haven't figured out that it is ultra cool to make and wear aprons.

One of the girls, who happens to share my beautiful name, had a birthday last week and asked for an apron.  She promised that if I made her one she would wear it all the time and even do her homework in it. 

So today, I made her a half apron that my wonderful red headed baby is modeling.

How cute is this gnome fabric?  I've had it for awhile now and have not found fabric to match it - but I do believe some of my stash Katie Jump Rope did the trick!


Shawnee H said...

Hi Amy -- Can I share one of your pictures and a post on the Apronista? So cute!!

Vicki said...

The apron is cute, but the model cuter! That shirt she is wearing looks cute.