Thursday, March 29, 2012

Esotropia/Amblyobia and Some New Glasses

My oldest has an eye condition called Esotropia.  Basically, he is extremely far sighted in one eye, and his brain started preferring to use the other eye (also far sighted - just not as bad) to see.  As a result, the brain would stop using the bad eye and it would turn in when he was younger, which is Amblyopia.  He has been in glasses since he was four because of this, and we also had to patch the good eye to force the brain to start using the bad eye again.  Those pirate days are behind us now and he now just has really poor eyesight :)

It is time for new glasses and for this first time in his life, he was able to shop from the men section!  Who can believe he's turning into a man right before my eyes?  As most of you with glasses know, the men's section has so many more options than the kids section.  I can't wait to pick up his new pair next week, because he is going to be stylin' in high school next year!

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