Sunday, November 29, 2009

New skirts + birthday

I made these precious skirts Friday using ModKid's Emma pattern. This was such a fun pattern and very easy to make. The hardest thing to do was figure out my tension settings on my serger.

I made the pink and white one the way the pattern stated. The black and white one I did just a little different in the way I layed out the petal pieces. I put all the white petals in the background with the black on top and I think I like the effect better.

Today is my baby's 4th birthday. Last night we got dolled up and just her and I went out for the night. She wanted to go to the mall and shop and see Santa. She also got to pick out her own present - which ended up being the Three Muskateers Barbie.

Today Derek stayed home from church since most of the kids are a tad sickly this weekend. I was planning on buying a cake on the way home from the grocery; but when I called he let me know that he had lunch made and a cake from scratch. What a man!

We had a good laugh at the "swampy" looking decoration, but Anne didn't care. He even colored the cake part pink like she wanted.

It's been such a fun day full of Barbie playing and My Little Pony. And .... I have TWO four year olds for a week. Red's birthday is next week.

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Nicole said...

Those skirts are awesome! I can't believe Anna is 4, it doesn't seem possible. Tell her Happy Birthday for me :)