Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Lessons Learned

1. No matter how many times I've used a pattern; I always need to reread the directions. First, I forgot that seam allowances are not included on this pattern; and I forgot to add them. The skirt is a tad snug around Red, but seems to fit Ann decent enough. Second, I forgot that you only cut out on the right side of the fabric. So half off my spirals were turned the wrong way and couldn't be used. Luckily I had bought two yards of this fabric and had just enough.

2. I finally used the 4-thread overlock on my serger. I've had the thing for almost ten years and can't believe I haven't taken advantage of it earlier. Of course it took me almost an hour to thread the stupid machine just right; but it was worth it.

3. My girls are pink and purple type girls. I don't think they've ever picked out or wanted to wear green. This just proves that you can add yards and yards of ruffles to any color or pattern of material for any girl to fall in love with what you've made.

Pattern is my all time favorite skirt to make and both my girls favorite skirt to wear - the Redondo that I got from Banberry Place. As you can see, this is the one of the best twirling skirts around.

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