Sunday, November 8, 2009

Um ..... a bad idea

So maybe those rag curls were not such a good idea after all. These were the kinkiest, curliest curls I've seen. I tried so hard not to laugh as we were undoing them; but when my 6 year old told her she looked like a clown I couldn't help it.

As you can see she wasn't so happy with her do.

I decided it might help to put it up. So we gave her a "princess up do" and she was quite pleased. Even when I offered to wet it, she declined.

My 6 year old then thought that she looked like a Trojan. You know the Trojan warrior with their mohawk type feathers in their helmets. Again, I had to laugh; but it didn't matter to Red.

She has now decided that she wants me to curl her hair every night. I have decided that I will not roll them as tight and I will definitely take bigger chunks of hair. We'll see how it works tomorrow.

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NadineC said...

I am ROTFLMAO! Those first photos were the funniest I've seen in mom used to put up my hair in rags when I was little, but it NEVER looked like that! I'm glad to see it worked out in the end...and yep, maybe larger chunks might work better next time. Thank you for the "entertainment" Amy :-) Your kids are adorable as always...