Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fairy Tale Ball

The entire 2nd grade has been doing a Language Arts unit on Fairy Tales. Tomorrow will be the annual Fairy Tale Ball in which all the 2nd grade students dress as a character from a fairy tale. Chuck decided on Peter Pan. This was such an easy outfit to make and cost $10 to make. I bought a plain t-shirt from Hobby Lobby and cut the bottom and sleeves; then a slit in the top and used some leather cord to tie it up. The bottoms were a brown jersey knit and I used my pajama pants pattern that I'm wearing out. I've never sewn a knit before and have always wanted to. For some reason it scared me. It wasn't bad, although it did roll up as I was trying to sew. I will definitely be using it more, though.

Oh - and the hat. The hat is borrowed from a friend who had a Peter Pan costume. The costume was too small for Chuck; but we were still able to use the hat and the felt boots that fit over your shoes.

About the ball. There will be games, refreshments, pictures, and DANCING! The students even had to pair off and learn a few dances for the event. Chuck learned the box step, waltz, and swing and the lucky girl is Madison. I don't know her, but Chuck showed me his moves so I know she'll be impressed.

Isn't he the cutest? He has yet another tooth loose up top that should be coming out any day now - I don't know how the boy is going to eat.

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