Saturday, October 31, 2009


Happy Halloween, ghouls and goblins! True to myself, I didn't plan and we didn't have any costumes this morning. It all worked out in the end and the kids looked great and had a fun night of knocking on doors. Some friends came over and the Daddy's took all ten kids trick or treating while Nicole and I stayed home to pass out the candy.

Chuck decided to go as a pirate. I had a vest from back in my high school days bought from a craft fair. It's made out of ties and so cool that I've never been able to part with it; even though it hasn't fit in quite a while. I pulled that out along with a lacy white shirt of mine. Complete with some stash fabric wrapped around the head and voila, he was a pirate.

Matt wanted to go as the Grim Reaper. This one was pretty easy. At Target this afternoon, they had black jersey knit twin sheet sets on clearance for $13. He wrapped the top sheet around his body and secured it with a few safety pins and then we put the pillowcase over his head. I didn't cut into any of it; so not only did it make a cool outfit, we also have cheap, new sheet set. For his scythe, we used a mop stick and the top of an old Rubbermaid container for the blade. We just happened to have some copper colored spray paint lying around to give the blade a metallic look.

The girls had some Gothic looking princess dresses from last year that still fit them. On the trip to Target they found two $1.39 witch hats; so they decided to be witch princesses this year.

Johnny went as a mummy. I had an old queen size that I had been saving for a rainy day (like today). I tore it in strips and soaked it in tea to give it a browned, aged look. The poor thing started coming unraveled, though, soon into the trick or treating. Derek said that one of the other kids would step on his rags and J would stop and get pulled backwards.

I think my favorite was Nate. He wanted to go as a nerd. He wore some of Chuck's pants and shirt that were way too small for him. We slicked his hair down and I stuck some up in the back Alfalfa style. The greatest thing of all was some zit makeup I found at Target. They really looked disgusting.


Vicki said...

WHat fun for of all for kids. Who had more fun, the ones dressing up or the ones doing the dressing???

Erin McKinney said...

Amy, are good! they all look fabulous!
Love your blog, too!
Erin -

kt mac said...

the costumes turned out great :)
even those disgusting pimples - eeew!