Tuesday, May 29, 2012

More Disney

Magic Kingdom

The day finally arrived where we went to the big one - Magic Kingdom.  My Dad had given each kid spending money to buy souvenirs.  The little one on the far right bought Minnie ears the very first day.  She rarely wore them, but she insisted on bringing them with us everywhere.  That's why Nate is wearing them.   And yes, and they were left behind on a ride on day 4.

We saw the evil stepmother and Cinderella's stepsisters at the back of the castle.  Anna really, really wanted her picture made with them and their autograph, but they were on their way for a break.

The Fairy Godmother came out to take their place.  While she happily signed Ann's book, she got on to the boys for sitting on the fence in the background and let them know that benches were for sitting on.  After meeting her, I have officially decided that Fairy Godmother is my least favorite Disney character.  Even lower than Stitch.

While the youngest in the family is a thrill seeker, riding everything she could, the 7 and 8 year old weren't so sure about some rides.  After seeing the 52 foot plunge on Splash Mountain, they refused to get on.  But being the good parents that Derek and I are, we made them.  It was a mistake.  As you can see on the picture they took of us, the redhead was scared to death.  Some of the quotes from her during the ride - the happy part through Br'er Rabbit's world - were "Just kill me now", "Why?", "I'm going to die", etc, etc.

Everyone else loved Splash Mountain so much, that they turned around and went right back on the ride.  I wasn't going to torture my girl any longer, so she and I went to meet Jessie.  When we were about 5 people away, Jessie had to go inside for a few minutes to "check on Bullet".  When she came back out guess who was with her!  Woody!  The two of them together were by far the best character interaction we experienced.  As sooon as Jessie saw Molly's red hair, she stopped in her tracks and pointed at Molly's hair, then pointed to her own red yarn braid; then she kissed the top of her head a few times.

As Jessie and Molly were posing for a picture, Woody stepped in front of them as I snapped.  Then Molly poked her sweet head out from behind me, and Jessie followed - making my favorite shot of all.

Remember me saying in a earlier post that the little one didn't like to take breaks from rides to take in a show?  Well she really, really didn't like taking time to listen to animatronic presidents.  Here she is in the Hall of Presidents lobby.  She did end up liking it, as we all did.

We broke up into 3 groups on the Mad Teacups.  Those who wanted to spin as fast as they could, those that wanted to spin a little bit, and then Derek and Molly - who didn't want to spin at all.

They did end up spinning, though, and had a grand time.  She was bummed when it ended.  How could you like this ride and be freaked out by Splash Mountain??  I'll never know.

And finally, one of our all time favorite kiddie rides - The Magic Carpets.  The boys like it to try to get their carpets in line with the spitting camels. 

Worst part about Magic Kingdom - Thunder Mountain was closed for renovations.  The big crane and construction workers extending Fantasyland kind of took away some of the "magic".

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