Thursday, May 31, 2012

Last of the vacation pics, I promise

There was a nice jazz pianist at the counter service restaurant we ate at.  It was nice to sit in the shade and listen to his tunes.  While the boys talked to him and requested some songs, the girls and I went and stood in a 15 minute line for some princesses.  We didn't know who we were going to get.  Anna was hoping to see Aurora the previous 5 days, and when we turned the corner when it was our turn guess who it was.  Aurora!  Why this is her favorite Disney princess, I'll never know.

That evening, there were absolutely no lines for Buzz Lightyear, so we rode it about 3 times. Derek got the highest score possible and grabbed the camera to prove to everyone that he has what he takes to be a galactic space ranger.

You also know you've ridden Buzz Lightyear too much when you're more interested in posing for the picture at the end than playing the game.

It turns out that the line for the Tomorrowland Speedway finally dies down around 10:45pm. The kids kept begging to ride it and Derek and I refused to stand in line for it. As one blogger put, he would rather spend 2 hours in line at the DMV than 20 minutes in the Speedway line. I truly think that is the hottest spot in all of Disney.

And finally, some pictures from outside the Haunted Mansion.  Some change were made to the ride since our last visit to Disney, and we loved it even more!

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