Monday, May 28, 2012

Disney World Vacation

Schooooool's out .... for summer. Da da da da da da da da.  We left straight away for the most expensive happiest place on Earth.

I found the greatest website that gave us some useful tips, as well as a crowd calendar to tell me which park to go to on which day.  Since we didn't have to wait any longer than 20 minutes for a ride anyway, I'd say Josh at EasyWDW was right on.  Thanks, Josh!

Let me also say that this was our girls' first trip to Disney and the first trip that my youngest son would remember.  They were beside themselves excited.

Day 1 - Animal Kingdom

Our first time at Animal Kingdom and we loved it.  It might have been a bad idea to run to Expedition Everest first, purely because the girls had never been on a roller coaster before .... much less one that goes BACKWARDS!  While the baby girl loved it and rode it three times, the redheaded one hated it and almost didn't want to ride anything the rest of the day.

We were lucky enough to get the first four seats of Everest, and my man snapped this picture where the track ends, due to the Yeti breaking it.  You then go (pretty fast) backwards into the mountain before escaping the Yeti.  I couldn't believe how much the backwards took my stomach.  I happily stayed back with Red while the others went to ride it a few more times before the crowd hit.

Wet family after the Kali River Rapids.  The one ride out of all four parks in which I refused to ride.  I hate, I repeat HATE getting soaked and walking around in wet draws and shoes the rest of the day.

Our "bug glasses" before It's Tough to be a Bug, one of my favorite attractions at Animal Kingdom.
Another great thing about Animal Kingdom was the line to meet characters wasn't as long as the other parts.  In no time at all, we were able to meet Goofy, Donald, and the mouse himself, Mickey.

The little one loved rides so much, that she was mad anytime we wanted to catch a show.  Here we are at a really cool bird show.  I included this picture not only to show her pout, but to also show one of the last times I ever wore my treasured Maui Jim sunglasses.  Yes, I left them on a ride.  I had them for close to a decade and I will miss them dearly.

Day 2 - EPCOT

I thought that since I'd grown up a little, that I would enjoy Epcot.  Nope, still the most boring park, in my opinion.  I didn't even take many pictures.  Oh, and the redhead that hated all other thrill rides LOVED Mission: Space, a flight simulator that had you crash landing on Mars.  Funny how all the simulator rides made me nauseous and those are the ones she loved the most.

The best part of Epcot was playing with the interactive games inside the big golf ball.  Lest favorite (of mine) was Soarin'.

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anne said...

Disney world vacation is the most exciting event of a kid's life. Just like mine, he is really excited to see his favourite character and the Disney Dining experience.