Monday, November 21, 2011

My Christmas Wish List

I've decided to write down my wish list for this Christmas because people usually ask me and I usually have nothing to tell them.  I've been thinking about it today and here is my list:

King size electric blanket - mine barely warms anymore.  I don't care what color as it won't show, just as long as it is warm.

Electric skillet - a rectangular one.  I've had one since we got married, but one of my kids dropped mine several months back and it broke. 

A big area rug for my den - like this one, or this one, or this one.

Paint for my bathroom, I like this Meander Blue from Sherwin Williams.

A headboard for my bed.  I've been planning on making one for years, but we still just sleep headboard-less bead.  So if you're reading this Derek, you could get me some plywood and foam and a few hours of help.

Frying pan - I would like just a simple, cheap medium sized frying pan.  I have three small 6 in ones that are too small, and a couple of huge heavy ones that are too big.  I need one that is juuuust right.  Maybe a 10 incher. 

Hardwood floors for my living room and dining room.

A working bathroom off the kitchen, with new shower so the girls will stop using mine.

True Blood: The Complete Third Season

True Blood: The Complete Fourth Season

This cute little owl ornament.

A rolling pin - I think mine broke or something. I didn't think about it until I made a pie last month, and while it wasn't difficult to roll out the dough with my small ergonomic Pampered Chef pin, it was extremely difficult to transfer the dough from the counter to the pan.

The Cricut pens that fit into your machine to draw instead of cut.

A subscription to Molly Makes magazine.

A measuring cup that measures more than 1 cup.  Something to measure 2 - 4 cups at a time.

A really big mixing bowl like my Mom's.

My kitchen floor mopped and resealed.

My shower re-grouted.

Towels - we bought four nice towels from Macys last year that were "Hotel" quality.  They are white with brownish stripes on each end.  Derek and I get to use two, and then the other kids usually fight over who gets to use the "fluffy towels".


House shoes - I wear a size 7 1/2 or 8.

Patio chairs.

Fire pit for patio.

There you go, something for every budget.  I know a lot of these are over the top; but a girl can dream, right?

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