Sunday, November 13, 2011

Book Purse

I found this great little tutorial a while back from Hungry Panda for making a purse out of a book.

The hardest part was picking out a book to destroy.

I bought this really cool Titanic book several years ago with visions of my boys devouring every word.  In reality, no one has ever opened it up to read one sentence out of it; so I didn't feel so bad about ripping out its insides.  Well, I did .... but I got over it pretty quick.

I can't remember at what angle I drew the side of my pattern, but I didn't do what the pattern suggested.  I think I did it 60 degrees because that was the only option on my ruler I had.  Therefore, my purse opens a little wider than the purse in the tutorial.

I also added a little tab for the Velcro closure. 

Thanks to the E6000 glue, this little project was surprisingly easy with fairly little sewing.  It was also FUN, especially since I got together with my Mom and sister for a little craft day. 

There is only one problem, though.  My crazy cute book purse is too small to hold all of my crap!  Seriously, not even my wallet.  I need to make one of those thin wallets that just holds your license and some cash for the days I want to look all librarian chic.

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mom said...

Ruth asked me today if I brought the book purses to the sale. I never go mine finished, you know, found it in a bag the other day while looking for something else.