Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Our first fracture

My little girl took a mighty big fall and landed right on her chin on Monday.  Before I go into the story, here's a before picture I took last week.

I was in the kitchen when I heard a thud and then crying.  As soon as I ran into the den, John held up his hands and said, "I didn't do anything!"  Through the blood, I saw that one of Anna's teeth was knocked back and a little up.  Usually I call my husband at the site of lots of blood (he works a little over a mile away); but this time I was calmed and composed and took her straight to the dentist.  Wouldn't you know that the dentist was out of town?  Thankfully the sweet hygienists tried to help me.  Upon further evaluation, they found that her lip was caught up and over another tooth - I had not even noticed that part.  After several attempts, they got the lip off - only to reveal a bad gash in the gutter of her mouth.  They sent me straight to the ER.
The PA that saw us in the ER did some Xrays to rule out a broken jaw, then sent me on my merry way; saying that mouth injuries heal quickly.  While waiting in the ER, Anna pushed her tooth back in place and they are perfectly aligned once again.

The above picture is how she looked yesterday morning.  I decided to take her to a pediatric dentist an hour away since an expert had not officially checked her teeth out.  He didn't like how swollen her face was and the fact that she couldn't really open her mouth wide.  He sent me to an oral surgeon.  He did a CT scan, and my baby indeed has a hairline fracture on her chin.  There is nothing they can do for jaw fractures in a 4 year old - but she is on a soft food diet for a full week.

Molly wants to know her sister's face is fat, Nathan thinks she was cuter before the accident, and Charlie has no clue what everyone is talking about - he sees no difference.

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Katharine Bergquist said...

AWW! Poor little Anna! Tell her I love her! And that I hope she gets better soon!!