Monday, May 10, 2010

BIG Mother's Day

What a day I had yesterday.  It all started with lots of goodies from the kids:  hand prints, cards, poems, etc.  Derek gave me some gardening gloves, tools, and LOTS of potting soil.  We went to my parent's house for a great church service followed by food and homemade strawberry pies with homegrown strawberries from my Papa's garden. 

Speaking of Papa, he offered us my Grandmother's organ!  I always loved playing on her organ my whole life.  While everyone was together yesterday, the men loaded it up and delivered it to my house.  Derek played on it for at least an hour last night; and the kids have been at it not stop today.  When asked if I wanted a turn, I let them know I've gotten to play on it my whole childhood and I would gladly let them have their fun for now.

Also speaking of Papa, his dog had yet another liter of Australian Shepherd puppies.  He had two left - and ALL six of my children have begged and begged for one of them.  All day we were asked "please can we get one".  I thought it was ended when Derek and I both had warned them to stop asking.  Do you know that when we were leaving, Derek turned right out of Mom and Dad's driveway towards Papa's house instead of left towards home.  You should have heard the excitement in the car.  When the kids were arguing over which pup was to be ours; the softie told them to grab BOTH!

We are now the proud owners of three dogs; which is at least one too many.  But they are cute, aren't they?

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Nicole said...

That is great that you have your grandmothers organ! And the pups are super the one with the different color eyes :)