Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tree skirt idea

Now that Christmas is long gone and I have a little more time, I thought I'd share one of our traditions. We started this back in 2001 when there only five of us. My Mom made a skirt for me for us to put our hand prints on. The first year, Derek and I added our prints, too; since it looked a little empty.

Every year when we bring it out, all the kids love to see how much their hands have grown since the year before.

Here is Charlie's hand next to the his little print the first year we did it. How sweet is that?

We use a different color every year to keep the years separate. I love looking back to 2002 how it moves from three hand prints to four hand prints the next year; then five, then six all back to back.

Last year, my youngest little devil angel got the permanent marker and some extra paint and added some pizazz to it. I guess it adds more character and I'll always remember how Anna got into EVERYTHING when she was little.

I don't know what I'll do in about five years when the thing is filled up. I guess I'll need to get my Mom to make me a much bigger skirt to fit all the future grandchildren's hand prints on it.

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Nicole said...

Love it!! I haven't done mine this year but I have it laying out so I will remember before it is June. I love looking at how small their hands were too :) Thanks for the great many years ago!!