Sunday, January 31, 2010

Quiara Tunic Shirt

I made another Quiara shirt last night, this time in the tunic version with hood. The fabric is more from my Mom's closet that she didn't want anymore; so in other words ... FREE! This is one easy pattern. The only problem this time was this funky stretchy fabric. It was stretchier in some parts than in other parts; and it kind of stretched out in the neck when I added the hood.

My model wasn't quite so cooperating as the previous post. Although, the more she pouted, the more I made her stand there and pose. Don't let her apathy fool you, though, she loves her new shirt.

Finally a semi smile.

And then a full blown smile when the dog comes in. Nice that she smiles for a mutt and not her own sweet mother.

I didn't realize that Mom had promised this fabric to Red for a skirt, so I made one little girl mad in the making of this shirt.


Nicole said...

Cute Cute shirt Amy!! Is that Tippy? She has grown a lot since I saw her last!!!

Vicki said...

I do see the pointed hat and like it with the ribbon. In first picture the ribbon looks like part of back wall.