Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pinwheel sweater + play skirts

Yea, I finally finished my pinwheel sweater; just in time for my littlest one to be too big for it. I finished the body of this sweater fairly quickly because it was so fun to knit. But when I got to the sleeves I put it out of sight, out of mind. I don't know why it took me four months to knit up two sleeves. And those ends to weave in? What a pain! I finally caved, though, and sat today and did it all and it only took me 15 minutes. Why did I wait and wait for something that isn't hard and really didn't take that long?

I love it except for one big problem - see the big hole in this one side? It's right where I attached the sleeve so I must have messed up on something. I'm not sure what I can do to better it, either. Any ideas?

We were visiting with my Mom yesterday after an orthodontist visit and she wanted to make the girls a play skirt. You see, my red head insist on wearing a skirt everyday; and now with it being cold, Mom thought she needed a long play skirt.

Have you ever seen a fleece skirt? I haven't, but that is the warm material Molly wanted. She calls it her snugly skirt and she hasn't taken off since it was finished. Her Grandma explained that this is purely a play skirt and she can't wear it out. Molly can't understand why - she thinks it's beautiful. Check out the fringe on the bottom.

I made the green corduroy skirt and it was supposed to be long, too. However, the serger and I got in a fight; and the serger won. There was a nice huge hole (what's the deal with me and holes lately) right in the middle of the skirt. I got so fed up that I left it for Mom to finish. The green was shortened, a ruffle was added; and all is well.


Anonymous said...

Better add that "red" wears the waistband under the belly is the reason the playskirt is longer in front than back. Better take that into consideration next time.

T.J. Freeman Jr. said...

that sweater looks awesome! I know a little girl that would love to borrow it :)

Nicole said...

I think you did awesome on the sweater! And the skirts are adorable!!

NancyJoJo said...

I love all of it! The sweater is incredible and I love the skirts! I think a fleece skirt would be awesome to have.

NadineC said...

Wow! If I had a long, pink, fleece skirt with fringe, I wouldn't wanna take it off either! And I'd wear it ouside, too! What a cute, warm, snuggly idea :-) She looks absolutely adorable in it - they both do :-)