Friday, October 23, 2009


I bought lots and lots of flannel last winter hoping to make my kids some pajamas. I am just now getting around to it. I used the Favorite Things Little Sleep Well pattern. I bought it a while back because it includes the patterns for boys and girls sizes 1 through 14. One pattern that is a fit for all my six is a deal in my book.

I thought I'd start with the smallest size and work my way up, since little bit was the most excited about a new, warm pair of pajamas. She also loved the little ballerina flannel. This flannel is the softest stuff; and at $2.40 a yard on sale at Jo Anns it was a great deal.

Please excuse her chocolate face. I noticed blood in her ear during lunch today and took her to the dr. It turns out she has a very infected ear and her ear drum burst! She never complained one bit or had a fever. At the ENT, they really had to work hard to clean all the goop out of her ear. She kept completely still and even laughed because the vacuum thing tickled; so I thought that merited a Frosty.

I love how this pattern worked up. It honestly took me a few hours. Doesn't the inside look good? I love when the inside looks neat and tidy! Man I love my serger.


Knitika said...

Poor sweetie! I would so freak out seeing blood coming out of my kidlet's ear, I can't even imagine. You both sound like you handled it very well.

The PJs are adorable, nice job! I have a remnant of that fabric in my sewing room, the resident ballerina made me buy it. :)

glenna said...

So Snuggly!!!