Thursday, July 30, 2009

And Puppy Makes Nine

We got a puppy! When my Dad's Australian Shephard had a puppy - yes, only ONE puppy - I knew I wanted her. I knew this was one uniqe pup because her daddy is a Shih Tzu! So I guess she's an Aushit?

We still can't decide on a name. The kids have come up with the following - Tippy, Socks, Boots, Shadow, Love, Baby, and Puppy. I'm thinking Puppy since my cat's name is Cat. Do you have any ideas for a name?


glenna said...

This is a very lucky puppy! It will have lots and lots of lovin!

NadineC said...

Oh she's adorable. We had an Australian Shepherd years ago and she was one of the best dogs we had (shhhh...don't let Miss Piggy hear me say that!). As to the name...uh...I would probably call her "Aushit!" But our kids are all grown up, so maybe you'll need to find something a little more appropriate, haha. Have fun with your new puppy! And I agree with Glenna about her having lots of lovin :-)

Knitika said...

She's adorable! Lucky puppy! And lucky family