Monday, September 29, 2008


That's right, folks .... BRACES. Our 2nd went in today for spacers and for us to sign a contract saying we'll pay for the tortuous contraption going in my son's mouth. He has an under bite. In about 4 weeks, he'll be getting some kind of "W" shaped appliance on the roof of his mouth to help it grow. After a couple of months of that, he'll have to wear headgear to help pull his upper jaw out. Then around Feb or Mar of next year, he'll get the braces on. Derek and I tried to act excited about it; but as soon as we stepped in the place, we were reminded of the PAIN brought upon us as children. Goodbye sticky, ooey, gooey foods ..... hello mashed potatoes and Jello.


Anonymous said...

I SOO don't look forward to those days!!! I can remember how much those spacers hurt and I remember how my lips would feel when the braces would rub up against them. I hope all goes well for him.

kt mac said...

Funny that you posted this up yesterday...the day my brother got his taken off. He went crazy eating apples and carrots and the like.. and had this crazy idea for making toffee.

I so remeber those days.. hang in there Matthew the end result is so worth it!

and in reply to your question no I won't have to move when I go to design school next year. We live an hour north of North Sydney (where the Opera house, bridge and harbour etc are)mum and dad moved out of Sydney when I was about two but we have alot of family who live in Sydney that I could sometimes stay with too, but we also live within walking distance of the train station so I will just train it each day. so excited :)

Brea said...

That "W shaped" appliance brings back memories...though I think I'd prefer not to dwell on them. :) Though ortho is definitely not fun, I'm grateful for such medical technology. I would have had to go through life with some pretty crooked teeth!

I am staying at home with my little one. He's two and a half. It would be really fun to get together, and maybe I could get some pointers on raising multiple children! Two sounds a little overwhelming right now, but they say you grow a little more with each one and God gives you what you need.

We were amazed that Brennan came out with red hair. I love it! We're very curious as to the color of the next one's hair. Neither if us have red hair! Looks like you got one out of six, so maybe it's pretty rare?

Nicole said...

I hope M is doing ok. I remember those days as well and am so glad I don't have to do that again. Hang in there M!!!

disa said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.

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