Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Guess what we are doing!

You'll never guess, so I'll go ahead and tell you. Derek and I are taking Ballroom Dancing classes through the continuing education program at UWG! How fun is that? Well I'll tell you, real fun! Last night, we started to learn the foxtrot. The only thing I need to remember - don't wear crocs - rubber shoes stick to the floor and don't make for good gliding, striding, or twirling. We decided next week I should wear my bowling shoes ... that way I won't even need to move my feet; Derek can just push me around wherever he wants me.

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kt mac said...

aaaw this is so cool! I am so jealous, i have wanted to do this for ages but Morgan just won't consent. i even got forms and almost had us signed up :(

ps. Glad you got Beth as a partner she is lovely. And she will love your apron so much - it's so cute!