Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Lost Sea

On the way home from Pigeon Forge Monday, we stopped by another cave ... The Lost Sea in TN. It's called that because way deep under ground there is a lake. They don't know where the water comes from or where it goes. Several years ago, they put tagged trout in the lake to see if they could get out. None of them did, so they've just grown huge down there. Once you make the trek down in the cave, you ride in a glass bottom boat around the lake and see the fish. It's pretty cool! The water level was down 20 feet due to the drought we've had in the south, but it was still big.

This cave doesn't have as many pretty formations as other caves we've been in, but it did have massive rooms for the kids to run around. It also had history .... there was an Indian tribe that used to hold rituals and sacrifices there, confederate soldiers hid out in it, moonshiners did their thing, and lots more!

Above is a picture of the lake. Since it's really dark, I couldn't get a good picture; but if you look close - you can see the reflection of the lights.

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T.J. Freeman Jr. said...

I enjoyed the Lost Sea when I was a kid... I want to take the kids back there. Did you get to ride in the boat and see all the fish?