Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Artsy Autumn Swap

I got my package from the Artsy Autumn Swap today! My partner was Marie. She sent me the beautiful box with all kinds of fall goodies inside.

Here is a close up of little pilgrim salt and pepper shakers! I love these little guys, they are so stinking cute.

Here is an ACEA card Marie made for me..... very cute (and mysterious).

An up close of 2 vintage hankies.

A turkey apron! She put a sneak peak at what she sent and I thought the turkey was a potholder, imagine my surprise when I found it was an apron .... with the sweetest turkey appliqued on.

There was also some cupcake liners and toppers, some fall stickers I can use in scrapbooking or card making, CHOCOLATE, candy corn, candles, a little wooden crow I can hang on the wall, and a bag of pumpkin potpourri type stuff. And did I tell you about how beautiful the box is that it all came in? If she likes what I sent her even half as much, I'll be happy.


T.J. Freeman Jr. said...

wow, you ladies are so creative! any sugar free stuff in there I can mooch off of you? I have to find some SF candy corn this year or I am going to go nuts! I totally withdrew from it last year and it was tough.

Will we get to see what was in your swap?

Nikki said...

Awesome stuff! Have fun playing with it all!!!

Derek said...

Love it! gobble, gobble!

Nicole said...

That is a really cute apron. I would love to know where ahe found those S&P shakers. Are they the ones from the Publix commercial?