Monday, July 21, 2008


Here a few pictures of my trip to visit my friend ...... F will be mad at me for putting this picture (she had not showered yet --ewwww), but it is the only one we got of us together.

We saw a lot of farms, here's a picture of a field of goats.

We saw Amish! I snapped a picture without this family realizing it. Is that bad?
Nate played checkers with strangers .... life seemed more layed back in the town of Shepsewana, IN.

We went to the Fort Wayne Botonical Gardens. It was crazy hectic with a lot of people because it was family day. I lost my daughter and my purse, but found both again!


Nicole said...

I love the last pic. C looks like he does not want to be there :)

Nikki said...

aww, looks like y'all had lots of fun! I LOVE the Amish!