Saturday, July 5, 2008

Look what "we" bought today .....

And by "we", I mean "he". Ain't it purdy? It was left in my Mom and Dad's garage, because you're not allowed to drive in the dark without a motorcycle license. So tomorrow we'll go pick it up and bring it home .... I'll have better pictures so you can see it in all its shiny goodness in the daylight.

Speaking of motorcycles .... I have a gold tooth from running a motorcycle off the road when I was 18. So I'm not so sure I'll be getting on the back of this thing until I know hubby is good and trustworthy.


Nikki said...

SWEET!!!! I want to ride!!

When I seen the comment from Derek I was so confused. I'm glad you commented again to let me know...LOL

T.J. Freeman Jr. said...

like the mileage to work was killing him... LOL... super sweet ride, I can't wait for my turn to DRIVE :)