Monday, July 21, 2008

Lookout Mountain

The girls got their faces painted at Rock City like butterflies. They looked so cute! Did I tell you my niece went with us? She helped with the kids and driving - she does pretty good at driving the "bus". Here she is about to go through Fat Man's Squeeze.

Everyone except me enjoyed going over the swinging bridge. I pretty much ran across, which I think might have made it swing worse.

We enjoyed Rock City more than Ruby Falls. All in all it was a FUN day!


T.J. Freeman Jr. said...

Looks like ya'll had a great time! Glad you had a safe trip and made it back with no major issues. I want to take the kids to RC and RF but am to scared of them getting away from me after the scare we had at the Little River Canyon over in Alabama..


kt mac said...

wow this trip looks like so much fun (that bridge included - that picture of the kids walking across is such a cool shot!)and the face painting!
and getting to see the Amish! I would love to see them one day. their way of life just fascinates me and love all Beverley Lewis' fiction books about them. Have you read some of those?