Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I grilled some steaks a few weeks back in the dark.  Looking out the kitchen window, I saw clumps of fire dropping out of the grill on our patio, but didn't think much about it.  It wasn't until I went to turn off the flame and the knob wouldn't budge, that I knew something had happened.  The only way to turn it off was to turn off the gas.  When Derek came home, I told him about it and said, "It's almost like the knob melted."

When we went outside with the flood lights turned on to see the damage, we found this:

So, yep .... I'm pretty sure the knob melted!  Below is what I saw falling to the ground, I'm guessing melted plastic.

Now that our grill is useless, you wouldn't believe how much I've been wanting and craving shish kabobs! 

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T.J. Freeman Jr. said...

just a thought, since we both need new grills maybe we can find a good deal on two Big Green Eggs?? Or even the Primo Kamado, I've heard that they're made by a former employee of BGE and if you look at them side by side, the ceramic walls are thicker and you can get the stand part included for much less than the BGE :)