Saturday, February 4, 2012

An Accident....and Why I Hate Facebook

     A few of my son's friends stopped by today, with me being unprepared for company with no food and a dirty house.  I ran to the grocery to get some essentials like soda, chips, and plastic cups.  On the way back home, an ambulance flies past me and I see him turn down my road.  That's really not unusual as we live pretty close to the hospital and emergency vehicles go up and down the road all the time.  However, this ambulance stops right in front of my house!!!  It turns out in the 15 minutes I was gone, that one of the friends fell out of our magnolia tree from about 20 feet up and landed on his neck. 

     Let me tell you, you DO NOT want experience the feeling of driving home to an ambulance and firetruck in front of your house, and seeing the paramedics rushing into your yard with a gurney.  At our hospital, it is protocol to take a minor with a head injury to the Children's Hospital in Atlanta.  They won't even do an x-ray in fear of doing damage.  So they life flighted him to Atlanta!  While it was serious and I am by no means belittling the fall, I'm not really sure an ambulance and helicopter were necessary.  However, it is better to be safe than sorry, right?

     It turns out that he is fine.  He broke his ankle and has a concussion and they are keeping him overnight for observation since he lost consciousness.  I'm so thankful he wasn't hurt anymore than that!  I'm also grateful for his understanding parents know that accidents happen and they aren't mad at us.

     Now on to Facebook.  So the rest of the boys were shook up, but just like kids, are able to cut up and still have some fun after the boy left.  Especially since he was talking and acting fine by the time he left.  I happened to go on Facebook about an hour later and it's blown up amongst some of their friends about what happened.  None of the kids at my house called anybody and of course the kid strapped to the gurney didn't call anybody .... so how in the world did word get out???  Within a few hours, the 8th graders at their school have the boy falling 30 feet from a tree and hanging on to life by a thread.  By tonight, kids have posted pictures of their hands in the shape of hearts for their dear friend, who according to them might not pull through.  Boy, does news travel through the grapevine a lot quicker in this day and age with social networking!

     And since I like to put pictures in my posts, I will leave you with some pictures of Derek and the girls, who went on a daddy/daughter date night at Chick-fil-A and then to Beauty and the Beast 3D afterwards. 

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