Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Anna Ruby Falls

On our way home from our little two day getaway, we stopped by Anna Ruby Falls in Helen, GA.  It was a nice, enjoyable little stroll along Smith Creek that ended at a double waterfall, which according to the books and websites is rare.

It was only .4 mile to the falls, but you could keep going on another trail if you wanted, which the kids tried to talk us into.  It's "only 5 miles".  Their young bodies can't comprehend the pain "only 5 miles" would cause me .... and also none of them seemed to notice the 10 miles round trip section of the sign.  Good thing that I read things all the way through.

There were benches, deemed "Flintstone Chairs" by my kids, scattered along the path, so there was plenty of opportunity to rest.

It was worth the stop to Anna Ruby Falls.  The weather was perfect and the scenery was beautiful.  If you're ever near Helen, I highly recommend going.  It did cost money, but only $2 per person over 12.  Good thing half of us are still under the paying age!

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