Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Farbenmix Emely Pattern

I bought the Farbenmix Emely pattern awhile back and finally got a chance to sew it last week.  I had bought the darling butterfly fabric from JoAnn's and was going to make it all out of that fabric; but after seeing other people's creations I wanted some accent fabric to go with it.  My little girl insisted that zebra would go with the butterflies, I didn't agree, but I obliged.

I'm really glad I listened to her, because it turned out cute!

The directions weren't completely clear; for instance, it didn't tell you to hem the bottom (but who can't figure that out?).  It also tells you to put the elastic in the top of the pocket, although I couldn't find how much and what size elastic anywhere in the pattern - again, nothing that can't be figured out, but a beginner might have a hard time following.  All in all, this was one of the EASIEST things I've ever made and, not including tracing and cutting out the pieces, took me only about 3 hours to sew.

Another plus is - the top is reversible!  Who knew?  They don't tell you that on the pattern, but if you sew buttons to both side, why not?  Which side do you like better?  Me - the butterfly; the girl - ZEBRA!

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NadineC said...

Oh that's very cute! She did a great job choosing the zebra print, and like you, it sure wouldn't have been one I would put with it, but it looks fabulous! And I love that the top is reversible! Of course, the best thing of all is...THE MODEL! Those runways girls got nothin' on her ;-)