Monday, July 25, 2011

Key West, Last Day

On our last full day on the Keys, we drove back to Bahia Honda State Park.  We had to drive through Big Pine Key and there are flashing lights and the speed limit posted all over the road, because of the Key Deer that live there.  Several times we read, "Speed Kills Key Deer".

On the way back to the condo, we decided to take a road off to No Name Key, which my 7 year son pointed out, indeed, does nave a name, where more Key Deer live.  Boy, those things were a dime a dozen.  Everywhere you looked, you would see Key Deer.  They were even walking down the middle of the street!

We saw this one with a plastic bucket type thing around her neck.  I'm not sure if it was put there on purpose to protect her, or if she got it stuck around her somehow.  You know the environmental posters with a duck and the plastic rings that hold 6 packs together around the necks?  That's what this reminded me of.  Speaking of environmental posters, my husband's work has started putting those in all the bathrooms and around the halls about littering.  There is this one picture that I think is supposed to be a horrid reminder to dispose of my trash properly, but I'm sorry, all it does is make me giggle.  It's a picture of a pelican wrapped up in a trash bag; and I don't know why, but it reminds me of my kids when they wear grocery bags ... they will put them on like pants and use the handles as suspenders.  I'll have to post a picture some time.

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