Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Key West, Day 2

My plan was to blog everyday about our vacation; but with the tiny laptop and slowness of uploading pictures, it proved difficult.

On to day 2.  I learned something on the 2nd day while taking a sunset/snorkeling Catamaran cruise - that 50% of my children get seasick.  We took a 3 hour tour 7 miles out to sea to America's only living reef (and the 3rd largest reef in the world).  Everyone was fine on the ride out, but as we were snorkeling the wind picked up and the water got pretty choppy.  On the way back, three of them felt pretty bad.  Matt "fed the fish" seven times in a 45 minute span.

Even with the tummy troubles, we all loved snorkeling on the reef!  It was beautiful to see a the land under the water.  Derek and the boys saw more than I did; but I saw a school of bright blue fish swimming around and lots of jellyfish.  They were a kind that don't sting, though, so the boys had fun playing with those.

One the ride out - they gave all the free sodas, beer, and wine everyone wanted and the kids drank their fill.

They also provided all the snorkeling gear.  It was Coast Guard required to wear the float thing around your neck, but you didn't have to blow it up.  The water was pretty rough, though, so we all put air in ours.  It surprisingly held you up and kept you above water.  They also put a noodle through the girl's vests to keep them up even better.

On the way back to shore, they put the sail up on the Catamaran. My youngest boy was so curious about everything on the boat and pretty much talked the crew's ears off (when he wasn't throwing up); so one of the crew let him "help" by keeping the rope out of the way.

We saw an amazing sunset out on the water and more beautiful sailboats.  If you ever go to the Keys, I highly recommend a snorkeling cruise.  We went with Sebago, and they were so good and so nice to the kids.  We will definitely be doing this again!

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