Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Package for Valera

Through our adoption agent, I met another family who is finalizing the adoption of their son - who happens to be from the same orphanage as Valera.  She was kind enough to deliver a package to Valera for me on her trip over to pick her son up, and even better, she took pictures of him for me!

I don't remember what I wrote in my letter, but I do remember that Charlie and John each wrote him a quick note and ended it with "Boom chicka boom chicka boom boom boom", something Valera would say a lot while swinging his hips back and forth.  Hopefully his teacher isn't thinking we are crazy Americans!

I really thought he would love the Jelly Bellies and finger flashlights I sent- but my new friend wrote to tell me that what he really loved and shared with his class were the pictures of us.  Lesson learned for the next package, send more pictures, and less "stuff".

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