Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bunny Cake

We made a bunny cake tonight that my Mom used to always make from my childhood.  You use two round cakes, and cut one of them in a way to make two ears and the piece in the middle would be a bow tie.

I let the boys frost it, although they were trying to get away with only using half the frosting so they could eat the rest of it.

We colored coconut for the bow tie and ears.   I remember my Mom's bow tie being a distinctive bow; ours looks more a blob of green - maybe we should tell others that it's grass.

Also from my childhood, we used Twizzlers for whiskers.  Me, not being a planner, forgot to buy those; so Derek decided to use some canned icing.

I'm really not sure what went wrong with those whiskers, but they look almost like a dead spider.

Since those didn't look quite right, I added some big ole Kit Kat bunny teeth.

The cake didn't end up quite like I envisioned it and not nearly as perfect as my Mother's cakes always were, but we had fun making it and it will taste delicious after my first ever try at cooking Easter dinner.  That's right - I've never cooked an Easter meal.  We always go to my folks.  They are, however, on a well deserved month long vacation at the beach, so it's up to me to make lunch. 


Rhonda said...

I think the cake looks perfectly delicious

Grandma said...

Looks like the kids may never want to come to Grandma's again since they had such fun!